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Have A Cowl!

Today … a temporary respite from my musings about weeds and garden challenges. Gardening is one way (technically) to work with my hands, but some of my other passions also involve handwork. In a post from last year, I referred … Continue reading

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Doing Battle … And Winning!

My adventures-in-gardening experiences are now on record here, and here. This year, I was amazed at my eagerness to get out and work the garden bed! No, the weeds weren’t gone, not by a long shot, but I have identified a … Continue reading

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Weeds Crouching At My Door

The bane of horticultural endeavor was the subject of my previous post. Would anyone dispute weeds are tenacious, sometimes nigh intractable? Certainly, extricating weeds at their roots is the most highly-effective practice. But take a look at this picture on … Continue reading

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The Villainy of Weeds

My garden remains — queue the writing metaphor — a work in progress. My last post pictured a part of my 35′ x 7′ raised bed. Full disclosure, here’s a view of the garden I neglected to include. Where veggies … Continue reading

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How Does My Garden Grow?

As a preteen, one of my summertime chores was gardening. The neighbors and my parents — bullwhip-wielding Simon Legree and his equally-capable understudy Cruella DeVil — planted at least half an acre of vegetables in the field behind our house. … Continue reading

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Knock My Block Off

Arggghhhhh! Looking at my most recent (a relative term) post, I can’t deny it’s been three months since I last posted. My 2012 blogging New Year’s Resolution didn’t exactly take, did it? Over the years, I’ve heard writers vent their … Continue reading

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