Music: Best Gift Ever

In his poem The Symphony, Sidney Lanier concludes the poem with these four lines:

And yet shall Love himself be heard,
Though long deferred, though long deferred:
O’er the modern waste a dove hath whirred:
Music is Love in search of a word.

Please forgive me for wandering into theology here (though I hope if this discussion bothers you, you’ll forgive and keep reading). Lanier’s astute observation − Music is Love in search of a word − expresses my own closely-held conviction of the sacred connection between music, love, words and the Logos (Word) of John 1. Non-religious people are certainly able to enjoy and connect to music; for me as a believer, music penetrates deep into my being, stirring my soul to worship. 

I’ve always been passionate about music. As a toddler, the sounds of music percolated within my head and poured from my mouth. Before I entered kindergarten, I appeared on stage. In fifth grade, I played the lead in a school adaptation of Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera Hansel and Gretel. A junior high speech teacher told me he expected I’d make it to Broadway one day. Before entering college, I thought I’d probably major in music. (It’s actually a huge blessing I didn’t.)

The first time I watched this a cappella rendition of the once-familiar hymn I Need Thee Every Hour, my heart soared. You may have seen it already. Since first viewing it, I’ve played it multiple times and continues to be amazed. I’ve now discovered Sam Robson, the young vocalist/one-man choir, has a YouTube channel to showcase his vocal ability.


If you’ve watched this video before, enjoy it again! Whether you’re religious or not doesn’t matter. His technical mastery alone is outstanding. One commenter on his YouTube page says:  “Sam, just found out you exist today from a Facebook share. Feel like I’m unwrapping the best gift ever given.”

I agree. I’m in love.

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3 Responses to Music: Best Gift Ever

  1. Ashleigh says:

    I think music moves the soul of the non religious in a different way 🙂 But your very right if you have ever attended a church with people singing hymns, the energy of the room changes. It is really amazing!

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