Ode To The Shower Brush, A Sonnet

Yesterday’s post offered a “news” item and an accompanying sonnet with a slightly irregular aspect. I also promised a similar post today and here it is.

From the outset, I beg your leniency with this particular sonnet because I have knowingly committed a flagrant violation of acceptable sonnet form … for which I pray (given my exuberant treatment of the theme) I may be forgiven. (At the very least, I ask that you please overlook my recklessness if you cannot find it in your heart to grant total pardon!)

Poesy expert Clement Wood (also mentioned in yesterday’s post) states adamantly “the octave must be end-stopped … the eighth line must mark the termination of a sentence.” I confess − to my shame! − a deviation from this model.

With that caveat, I give you Ode To The Shower Brush.


Your comments are always welcome, your generous benevolence in spite of my fractured form is especially coveted.

About wiseblooding

Wife, mother, grandmother, follower of Christ ... I blog about all of these and more.
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2 Responses to Ode To The Shower Brush, A Sonnet

  1. Debbie Kuss says:

    I like your odd sonnets! Who cares about poetic conventions when we’re talking shower brushes? If poets had never wavered from traditional forms, new ones would not have come into being. That doesn’t exactly apply here, but still, creative minds such as yours should never be shackled by convention!

    • wiseblooding says:

      I don’t disagree with you. Truth be told, I’m such a rule-follower that when I break one, I’m guilt-ridden! So the apology was mostly a plea for absolution. Thanks for reading!

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