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Beating Back The Scourge of Demon Rum

Arkansas. It’s the state in which I’ve lived the last thirty-seven years. We are situated close to the middle of the United States, an area known to many as “flyover country.” Though Arkansas is a tourism location, people don’t generally … Continue reading

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What’s Your Mission?

Here’s another quirky film I watched this week. Safety Not Guaranteed from 2012 provides an intriguing premise:  an unusual want-ad sets three magazine employees on the trail of a reclusive (perhaps deranged) fellow who insists he can time-travel … and … Continue reading

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Not Shoes, But Galoshes!

Tackling the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge a bit earlier this week. The concept is to Leave Your Shoes At The Door, and I thought for this challenge, I’d write something about my grandson. Like most boys edging up to a … Continue reading

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Lessons In Dying

My husband and I are in that stage of life when the care of our aging widowed mothers becomes a more pressing concern. Hubby’s mom lives nearby and he tries to visit with her daily. She’s 91 years of age … Continue reading

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Home For School

While writing yesterday’s post, my memory took a backward glance at a time almost thirty years ago when we were educating our children at home. Stuck In Love‘s main character (writer and dad, Bill) made an agreement with his two … Continue reading

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Stuck? Or Struck?

My younger daughter recommended a film this week. As a drama major college grad, she knows film and screen-writing and critiquing. With her ever-expanding knowledge of film and a viewing history few can match (unless maybe TCM‘s Robert Osborne), I’m pleased … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of (My) Life

Experimenting, the challenge of trying something new rarely deters me. Reading through my email, I thought, “Why not?” And here I am! Getting a late start on this Weekly Writing Challenge:  Lunch Posts writing exercise. The initial writing challenge was … Continue reading

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