I Am My Beloved’s …

… and my beloved is mine. (This scripture reference is found in Song of Solomon 6:3.)

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, my husband and I have been married many years. We met in college. I was a transfer student (a sophomore) and he was a junior. I can still remember the first time he caught my eye ….mailbox

That moment … I was waiting in line at the campus post office and he stood in front of me with several people standing between us. When he retrieved mail from his box, I made a mental note that his box was two above mine. Over the next couple weeks, whenever I picked up my mail, I’d take a guarded glance through the small window and peek into his box. (This photo shows a bank, but our PO boxes were similar; I’m pretty sure the window was bigger because the mail inside was easy to see.)

From time to time, I observed within the box envelopes addressed in a distinctively feminine hand. Naturally, I assumed these envelopes were from a girlfriend who lived elsewhere. (To my relief, I later discovered the letters came from his mother!)

This Valentine’s Day sonnet was written when we’d been married thirty years. The sentiments are as true today … from my vantage point with an added fourteen years.


Happy Valentine’s Day, my Beloved … and many more (God willing) ahead of us!

About wiseblooding

Wife, mother, grandmother, follower of Christ ... I blog about all of these and more.
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