Stuck-At Nantucket

A lot of dissin’ going on … a Phantom Poet pretending he’s someone who dislikes poetry? Yeah, that’s what I’m told, but I don’t buy a bit of it. I mean, how does a person who claims a dislike for poetry then immediately turn around and begin his next blog post with an original limerickI ask you:  is he a poetry-hating impostor, the definitive Doobster deceiver?

In return, I offer my original limerick as response to his (sort-of) limerick. (I give him props for faking it!)


Having now responded to the Doobster’s initial limerick, it subsequently dawned on me! I have come to understand the actual root of his poetic distress … is nothing but a serious lack of Nantucket verse. (He says as much in the comments section of his initial I don’t like poetry post … as well as in my comments section where he states:  “… as long as the poem starts ‘There once was a girl from Nantucket’….”) Aha! Now why didn’t he just say so in the first place?!

Here, in the spirit of helping a friend overcome his paucity of poetry − particularly a dearth of worthy Nantucket-centered verse − I offer a trio of Nantucket ladies for the Phantom Poet‘s perusal. (I can add more when and if he hankers for more, but be warned:  the ladies of this resort town may not appreciate the sudden high level of scrutiny.)


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Wife, mother, grandmother, follower of Christ ... I blog about all of these and more.
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2 Responses to Stuck-At Nantucket

  1. Doobster418 says:

    Ah, you nailed it when you referred to my feeble attempt to write a “sort-of limerick. I know I had the meter all wrong and the rhyming was awful. So that, if nothing else, should prove that I am anything but a phantom poet. And I thank you for offering up your Nantucket-lady trilogy. Nicely done.

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