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What’s So Good About Good Friday?

Crucifixion Day. People know this day as Good Friday, the day on which Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross. The Good Friday designation may be a better slogan, less jarring to the public perception, I suppose, but it should go without saying, … Continue reading

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Made For Heaven?

Over the last six weeks, my Beloved and I have been participating in a class on C. S. Lewis. The moderator (a physician) is a man whose love for Lewis is like an infectious disease − communicated orally. It was … Continue reading

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What’s Your Mission?

Here’s another quirky film I watched this week. Safety Not Guaranteed from 2012 provides an intriguing premise:  an unusual want-ad sets three magazine employees on the trail of a reclusive (perhaps deranged) fellow who insists he can time-travel … and … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Edgar Allan Poe(t)

Today, I mark the two-hundred-fifth birthday of Edgar Allan Poe. As one of the earliest American writers of renown, Poe’s life unfolds a cautionary tale in our general understanding about the struggles and motivation often thought to be required of … Continue reading

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As a culture over the last hundred years or so, we’ve witnessed marriages dissolve with such regularity as to see the matter become commonplace. Some readers might consider it harsh for me to suggest divorce is, in fact, another manifestation … Continue reading

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Santa Came To My House!

When I was about eight or nine years old, I remember lying in bed on Christmas Eve, too excited to fall asleep! We lived in a tiny, story-and-a-half bungalow. On the first floor, there was a parlor just inside the front … Continue reading

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Shining Barrier

One of the tattered books in my library is a paperback edition of Sheldon Vanauken’s award-winning bestseller, A Severe Mercy. I made brief mention of the book in my post on November 13th. This picture (to the left) is my … Continue reading

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