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Nathan Hale of Arkansas

Back in January, I neglected to pay tribute to a historical figure named David Owen Dodd. January 8, 2014 was the 150th anniversary of this 17-year-old’s notorious hanging. I’m afraid there are very few people (particularly outside the state of Arkansas) who … Continue reading

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ReBlog: You Don’t Know Beans

Did I mention I have two terrific daughters? Why yes, as a matter of fact I do believe I did … just yesterday it seems! The younger one has become an impressive homemaker … far exceeding my limited proclivities. (I acknowledge … Continue reading

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Letter From A Friend

Happy Birthday, George Washington! Yes, today is the birthday (in 1732) of our country’s first President. I think it is a day for honoring the contribution President Washington made at a crucial time in the birth of our nation, but … Continue reading

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Un_President’s Day

If you went to the Post Office today and were greeted by a shuttered window, you learned the hard way today is officially celebrated as Washington’s Birthday thanks to the 1968 adoption of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, first effective in 1971. This … Continue reading

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The Quaker Saint

Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony! Born on February 15, 1820, Anthony worked tirelessly throughout her life (she died in 1906) for the values she held most dear. Born into a Quaker family, she inherited from her parents an acute appreciation … Continue reading

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Lessons In Dying

My husband and I are in that stage of life when the care of our aging widowed mothers becomes a more pressing concern. Hubby’s mom lives nearby and he tries to visit with her daily. She’s 91 years of age … Continue reading

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The Lion Sings

Typically, writers disclose tidbits of information about themselves in everything they write. In The Magician’s Nephew, sixth volume in the Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis provides some of the most poignant clues about his life. He draws on his early life as … Continue reading

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